Portland is What You Make It –

Witching Portland The Best

W+K Campaign Gallery Show

Social / Activation / Stunt

Role : Art Director / Copy

Creative Directors : Jeff Williams, Susan Hoffman

Witching Portland the Best is an idea presented during the Portland is What You Make It Wieden and Kennedy Gallery show. Portland is What We Make It is a Campaign about bringing Portland together to unite in creating the Portland we know and want it to be. Witching Portland the Best is a call to action to all the powerful practicing Portland Witches and Witch supporters to gather on a full moon at the Witches Castle to cast a spell for the benefit of Portland. This ceremonial incantation created by the Witch community of Portland is a way for a significant Portland subculture to have a hand in co-creating the new Portland while at a location that honors what it has been through and where it has come from.